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As your child’s permanent teeth gradually replace their primary teeth, maintaining their early health and structural integrity can factor very heavily in their long term quality of life. Early problems with tooth decay can require multiple dental fillings and dental restorations.
Many permanent molars and premolars have deep textures on the biting surfaces. While this aids in their basic function, these areas can sometimes trap food particles and plaque deposits. This could place the teeth at increasing risk of suffering multiple large cavities.

To help prevent these problems a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Alex Osovsky might recommend applying basic dental sealants to the biting surface of each molar and premolar. This simple treatment can often be performed immediately following one of their dental checkups.

Dental sealants are composed of a special dental resin that can be carefully painted onto the biting surface. Once it has been cured by a special ultraviolet light, they will harden and bond to the underlying tooth enamel to create an invisible barrier against future bacterial deposits.

With regular brushing and flossing you can expect the durable dental sealants to last up to ten years.

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