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Many foods can help keep your teeth healthy. Did you know, your teeth have minerals, which means you need healthy foods with vitamins and minerals in them to help keep your teeth healthy? Our dentist, Dr. Alex Osovsky at Dental Esthetics of Buffalo Grove in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, cares about your smile and oral health, which is why he is happy to share some tips to keep your teeth healthy.

The ideal choices are foods high in protein and calcium. For example, chicken or other meats, cheese, nuts, and even milk can play a crucial role in maintaining good health. Calcium is required to remineralize teeth in order to counter the damage from any acids in other foods you eat. Proteins provide healthy nutrients that are need for a healthy smile and body.

Other food selections for healthy teeth include crunchy or firm foods like apples, pears, and vegetables. These food choices are brilliant because each have a high water content which will dilute the effects of sugars they have and increase saliva inside your mouth. Saliva neutralizes acids in your mouth that could damage your oral health, which is why the production of saliva is vital. Sugarless gum is an excellent way of also increasing saliva production.

Water is the best drink for your teeth. Many cities and towns have fluoridated water, which helps fight cavities and strengthen your tooth enamel. Milk and unsweetened teas are also great for keeping your teeth healthy. Avoid drinks that are high in sugars like sodas, lemonade, and any coffees or teas that are high in sugar for a healthy, beautiful smile.

If you have questions about your smile, or if you would like more information about your oral health, please call us today at 847-465-9676 to set up an appointment. Our dental team wants you to have a happy and healthy smile and is excited to help you achieve it in any way we can.