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Your teeth are designed to fulfill functions such as chewing food. This is especially true for your back teeth, also known as molars and premolars. To fulfill this purpose, they have ridges called cusps that chomp food into bits, and while these cusps are a great help to you, they can easily accumulate plaque and food debris that is hard to clear away. Our dentist can help you prevent cavities from forming by placing dental sealants on the back teeth in a simple process.

Because the back teeth can often be prone to tooth decay, our dentist can place a thin plastic seal that coats the chewing surfaces to form additional protection against cavities. This layer is called a dental sealant, and it helps block out harmful substances like plaque.

First, we ensure the tooth is clean and dry before we use a mildly acidic solution to roughen the tooth surface so that it forms tiny abrasions that enable the sealant to cling to the tooth enamel. Then, our dentist places the sealant on the biting surface and either allows it to harden on its own cures it with a special light.

Sealants are especially beneficial for young molars and premolars that have just erupted, which is why they are most often recommended for children who are about the age of six. However, this doesn’t mean that older children and adults can’t receive dental sealants. They are optimal for any patient who has healthy back teeth or suffers from a high risk of cavities.

Remember that because the dental sealants only cover the chewing surface, you still need to brush every tooth twice a day and floss on a daily basis, as well as receive dental cleanings and exams from your dentist every six months. During your dental checkups, we will check the sealants for any signs of needed repairs.

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